Focus on: BD, Sales & Marketing Team

This interview aims to present the BD, Sales & Marketing Team, at the center of Syngenia’s evolution strategy. What is their role, their task and their responsibility? The team is formed by three members: Aimé ISABANE, Yvan DAELEMAN and Denis … Continued

Association Belge de profession Africain (ABPA)

What does ABPA stand for and what does the organization do?   ABPA stands short for ”Association Belge de profession Africain”  which translates as “Belgian Association for African Professionals” in English. The association is a professional network that gathers African professionals and guide them in the work … Continued


The Syngenia team got the opportunity to attend a LGBTQ+ workshop with the Engie Group. We had the honor of receiving the French minister of diversity and equality and the CEO of Engie for the workshop.  This workshop is very … Continued

Caring Tuesday – A different look at change

  On 30 march 2021, we got the pleasure to follow a workshop on how to cope with change and cultivate a growth mindset. This is especially important nowadays with the changes we are confronting! Here are a few key … Continued

Philippe Damhaut – Speaker at ENYGF-2019

Syngenia is proud and delighted to have experts in various fields among its consultants. Philippe Damhaut is one of them! Our consultant is currently on a mission at Tractebel as Product Manager Medical Applications. On June 24th, Philippe will speak … Continued

Ray Ashley – Knowledge transfer going forward

He has been with Syngenia for over four years now, but as Ray Ashley himself says, he’s a “special case”. While he should be enjoying a laid-back retirement in the sunny South, he has instead decided to extend his professional … Continued

Sabine Uwingabiye – Aim to improve, again and again

As composed as she is calm and enthusiastic, Sabine is a smiling young 32-year-old. What led her to become a project engineer? An industrial engineering master’s in electromechanics, a first vocational experience and, above all, a wish to work both … Continued