Focus on: BD, Sales & Marketing Team

This interview aims to present the BD, Sales & Marketing Team, at the center of Syngenia’s evolution strategy. What is their role, their task and their responsibility?

The team is formed by three members: Aimé ISABANE, Yvan DAELEMAN and Denis THIBAUT.

Aimé is head of the business development department. His objective is to define Syngenia’s global development strategy.

His role requires to develop Syngenia in three axes:

  • Clients: internal/external to the group
  • Products: today, we focus on consulting, recruitment, pensioner portage, freelance, the goal being to develop other services for our clients
  • Geographic: expand Syngenia internationally (near future: France/Germany)

Yvan is in charge of the external clients. He also has been recently in charge of the development of internal clients (Tractebel/Electrabel/Laborelec). Yvan’s second role is namely marketing and communication development.

Denis is responsible of the internal customers (Engie and Equans) and he is currently in charge of an internal ambassador program. The idea is that each employee within Syngenia becomes a part of the commercial development in our company. The goal is to promote Syngenia’s commercial development, with a double mission: to recruit new customers and to retain existing ones.

What are your challenges?

  • To double the number of consultants by 2024, early 2025. We currently have 65 consultants.
  • To strengthen Syngenia’s position and become a key partner for our internal clients (within the group)
  • Establish ourselves as a challenger on the Belgian market (diversify our clients)
  • International development (develop our activities in neighboring countries)
  • Bringing all our know-how to the outside of the group
  • Develop and diversify our client base: in terms of sectors and services (the objective being to be able to offer our consultants a diversified career, and to perpetuate their career within Syngenia)

BD’s external activity started at the end of 2021, and since then the department has already acquired 20 external clients (in various sectors: energy, infrastructure and construction, metallurgy/boilermaking industries and life science).

Today, we want to foster a company where everyone participates in its development. All departments in our company makes it successful. Everyone has a role to play in the development of Syngenia. Our consultants are our assets, our eyes and ears. The BD, Sales & Marketing department is only one part of the equation. We wish to perpetuate Syngenia’s activities over time, and this through various actions.