• Consultancy: WE search – WE select – YOU decide. WE hire on Syngenia payroll
    Based on the customer requirements and working environment Syngenia search, select and hire the talent needed.
    After the approval of the customer, the consultant will work with the Client on one or several projects.
  • Recruitment: WE search – WE select – YOU decide. YOU hire on your payroll
    Based on the customer requirements and working environment Syngenia search, select the talent needed.
    After the approval of the customer, the consultant will be hired on our customer payroll.
  • Other staffing solutions, tailor made on Clients’ needs.
    Syngenia supports also his customers in other topics regarding staffing, such as freelance and pensioners
    placement, secure key resources in anticipation of big projects, or pending mutual agreement on salary package…


  • Very competitive pricing: very competitive pricing in adequation with services provided.
  • Qualitative services: part of our DNA and permanent objective, we aim to deliver qualitative services which avoid loss of valuable time for us and our customers.
  • Retention of our collaborators: Thanks to an enhanced support and close follow-up of our consultants, we are keeping a low turnover in which main part concerns collaborators joining our clients’ payroll.
  • Part of a large group: Financially strong and committed to high levels of commitment regarding safety, integrity and social responsibility


We are active in the following industries:


In renewable energy, conventional power generation, power transmission & distribution as well as gas & LNG, we support each step of a project’s lifecycle, from conceptual or preliminary planning studies, through detailed design, construction, commissioning, up to operational support and rehabilitation.

Decommissioning Nuclear Plant with Syngenia talents


We support our clients in the development and construction of nuclear plants (small modular reactors and research reactors). We also help delivering safe and profitable plant operation support and we assist radwaste and decommissioning projects.


In various domains such as special technics, buildings and complex structures, environment, mobility, transport and water, we provide experts to contribute to the design and work supervision of sustainable solutions.

Life sciences

Whether for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, food, or cosmetics industry, Syngenia provides support needed for the development of the most complex projects, both in R&D, production, infrastructure and maintenance, thanks to the know-how of passionate engineers.

Engineering Consultancy

Our flexibility and competitive pricing policy allows us to respond to the changing needs of the technical and engineering consulting companies and to successfully complete their complex projects.


We support players in the Aeronautic industry in order to increase their productivity, in response of the still increasing demand of air fleet. One of the biggest challenges in this field is the switch to carbon-neutral energy. Our experts (e.a. hydrogen) are ready to take the challenge.


In various sectors in these industries, we provide consultants with various experiences to assist in
the following engineering roles like:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer (Process, Civil and structural, Mechanical piping, HVAC, Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation)
  • Project support: Draughtsman, Planners, Cost controllers, Project Assistants, …

Thanks to our expertise, we can also search and select very specific technical and engineering profiles



The Client’ Specification
The request precisely describes the mission, the profile sought, hard/soft skills, level of experience,
information on the project, mobility, languages skills, etc… as well as the duration of the mission.

Job intake
15 to 30 minutes conversation with the Hiring Manager to ensure that our specialists fully understand the
requirements, the limits and constraints related to the function and project.

Selection of the profile
We screen our available employees and propose the right profile(s) for the requested assignment. If the
available profiles do not match, we use our extensive network to hire the right profile for the assignment.

Job posting and sourcing
Jobs are posted in the appropriate layout on the different Syngenia’s job boards (Syngenia jobsportal,
Indeed, Linkedin,..) and an active sourcing is launched on our internal database (+/- 10.000 candidates) and
external platforms.

Internal qualification
The quality of the profiles sent to the Client is of paramount importance to Syngenia. Our qualification
procedures guarantee the match between the mission and the proposed candidate.
Syngenia will not send you CVs of profiles that we have not qualified internally. Each candidate is
interviewed at least twice by the Syngenia team. We hire as much as possible from our payroll. We usefreelancers to a lesser extent.

Client qualification
The Client validates the profiles proposed in accordance with his internal process.