Department in the spotlight – Discover the Nuclear Qualification department

François Lefebvre – Group Manager Suppliers and Equipment : Qualification

The best story about the team is how we managed to evolve through the last 3 years from a 16 person team to a 26 person team joining forces with Syngenia to find the right profiles to keep the high level of expertise that we wanted to have. It wasn’t perfect all the time, we had some setbacks with people leaving, some transfers from Syngenia to Tractebel but by working together we managed to satisfy both existing clients (Electrabel) but also to develop our activities to new markets (EDF and Iter mostly)

I currently have 6 Syngenia consultants in my team, in addition to the 4 that are now Tractebel employees and a couple who are no longer in my team.

Collaboration with Syngenia is great, because it’s all about working together to reach common goals. Frequent communication makes it easy to anticipate and find the right profiles. In addition to that, there is always extra motivation to work within Tractebel.


Nicolas Tartar – Design Engineer

I’m Nicolas, 31 years old, 181 cm 😊 I have first worked in France for 4 years for AREVA (Framatome), and I now work for Tractebel since more than 4 years. I had several roles & responsibilities during my career: computation/design/qualification engineer, IT/technical manager, lead auditor. I have worked in the Nuclear electricity N494 and mechanical N504 departments of Tractebel, and I now work in the Radioactivity Management department N512.

I came to Syngenia 2 years ago to be closer to the client Tractebel.

I discovered energic and motivated teammates who became friends for some of them. I have a good opinion of Syngenia since my first day, professionally and personally.

Since the covid: I really enjoy cooking. Before (or after, let’s dream !) : sport, mainly cardio and running, dance sometimes.


Bilal Ghomraoui – Qualification Engineer

My name is Bilal. Born in Belgium, I did most of my schooling abroad in Dubai and Paris before coming back to Belgium to study at the ULB (Electromechanical engineer) from where I graduated in 2017.

After my studies I wanted to work in Nuclear energy. A friend of mine worked for Syngenia at the time , he gave me the contact of Marie-Catherine and voila 😊 As a qualification engineer the general role is to ensure that safety related equipment in the nuclear power plant will be functional for a given environment (T°, Humidity, radiation), for specific accidental conditions (earthquake, radiation release) and a given length of time. To achieve this, we analyze and test equipment and we ensure the correct quality follow up on the manufacturing of equipment.

I started working 3 years ago for Syngenia, so far so good!

Although it is a consultancy company, there still is good proximity between the consultants and Syngenia, with a good communication channel. Even if Coronavirus makes this difficult, the channel is still there.

At the moment I spend most of my free time training for triathlon competitions that get cancelled 😝


Aiman Azzabi – Design Engineer

I’m a Syngenia consultant since 2019 and working within the nuclear electrical qualification department for Tractebel Engie.

I live in Brussels since 2013 and coming from south of France.

I‘ve found Syngenia through a LinkedIn announce. I work for a French project for EDF. I am supporting EDF for the extension of qualification for their electrical components on all of their 1300 MW nuclear power plants.

I worked for 7 years in the automotive industry where I went through the major phases of a project from the Research, Development, until the Validation and the Production phase.

The bridge between the automotive industry and my actual position was the experience I acquired within testing, validation and test results interpretation.

For now, the aim is to take advantage of my experience to do a sort of synergy with the nuclear sector I’m in.

Syngenia company is a friendly company. Out of COVID period, there were (and I hope there will be very soon) much events organized by Syngenia to strengthen the team spirit that already exists.

In my free time, after work, I enjoy doing CrossFit.

Also, I am full-restoring a car that is important for me. This car is already dismantled and is going to the body shop. The assembly is forecasted for July-August 2021. End of restoration is planned for end of this year.


Ophélie Masson – Design Engineer

I am Ophélie, 27 years old, I live in Brussels. At university, I studied civil engineering. During my master, I specialized in chemistry and materials science. I started to work as consultant in 2018 (for another consultancy group) and did my first mission for one year, in the sector of nuclear waste management in Belgium. After this first mission, I started to work in the qualification team in the nuclear department of Tractebel.

Syngenia is a nice and professional consultancy group to work for. It has the advantage to be located in Engie tower where Tractebel is also located, so contacts are simple and easy. It also offers the advantage to belonging to the Engie group and therefore, it can offer more trainings that would normally not be for consultants.

I like to do fitness, play badminton, see friends and family, and play pool.


Dries De Wijngaert – Junior Design Engineer Qualification

I am Dries, an eager and analytical person who also enjoys making a laugh. I adore eating good things 😊.

Since 03-12-2018 I’ve held the position of Junior Design Engineer Qualification – Electricity in the team of François Lefebvre at Tractebel. On 07-06-2021 I joined Syngenia. My manager at Tractebel told me that Syngenia is always looking for new colleagues. My mane responsibilities are the qualification of electrical components and their suppliers, more specifically I work on low voltage switchgear (Circuit breakers, relays, fuses, contactors, transformers, electrical cabinets).

After my studies at KU Leuven, I started my working career at Tractebel as a consultant of MCA-Benelux. In this function at Tractebel, I was responsible for many small projects regarding obsolescence and qualification of ABB equipment. I was also the responsible for the qualification of the low voltage cabinets of the LTO D12 project. Soon I will also be auditing different production sites of ABB.

My first impression was that the support of the employee is key in Syngenia, this first impression still remains.

In my free time, I work a lot in my garden, which is very calming (recently I made my own insect hotel. From time to time, I go for a walk, go running and do some yoga. I enjoy being around my friends and doing things together.


Dennis Calluy – was a Design Engineer Qualification till June 2021

Hi, I am Dennis and I live in Boom, together with my wife and son (7yo). I studied electrical engineering at VUB. I have a great interest in software development.

In my professional life, I consider myself to be devoted, analytical with a questioning attitude. I like to learn new things, and love to share this with others.

After graduation, I started working as a designer of electrical cubicles. Drafting the electrical diagrams, writing specifications and configuring electronic components. After a few years, I started a job which involved software development. I have always been interested in this field, and already gained some programming experience at university. Since I am no hard-line developer, I seek to get my merit from my background as an engineer. I like to elaborate on abstract concepts and algorithms such as the ones involved in finite elements.

My previous job combined engineering knowledge, with software development. I joined Syngenia in June 2020 because there was a job offer showing similar aspects. My main responsibility now concerns software qualification. It involves demonstrating compliance of software used in the nuclear entity, with the different requirements, and demonstrating its quality and the quality of the development cycle.

It was not an ideal time to switch jobs during the pandemic, but nevertheless the communication with Syngenia always went very smooth.

Syngenia provides follow-up, organizes trainings, and I learned that if there were no corona, even activities outside work are organized 😊

Next to spending time with my family, I go to the music academy to play the piano. I play chess, having lots of books on openings, tactics and strategy. Unfortunately I never have the time to work on them 😊.

I am also fascinated by web 3.0, and currently exploring its involving technologies.

** Please note that Dennis has started a new mission since 01-06-2021 within Engie Solutions, part of the TRACTEBEL Group, as a Software Architect /Full-Stack Developper.

Syngenia promotes internal mobility if there are opportunities for the consultant.


We are proud of our consultants and the department manager of Nuclear Qualification Tractebel ENGIE for trusting in our services and keep recruiting talented people trough us.

Thank you !