Caring Tuesday – A different look at change


Caring Tuesday

On 30 march 2021, we got the pleasure to follow a workshop on how to cope with change and cultivate a growth mindset. This is especially important nowadays with the changes we are confronting!

Here are a few key elements you can start to implement in your life:

  • Step out of the stress modus: don’t let fear hold you from stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Focus on your circle of control & be pro-active: it is important to be resilient and recover quickly back from a change. Learn what the elements are in your power to control or influence.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset: embrace challenges & failures, never stop learning, practice & don’t give up: detect your inner critic’s voice and change your vocabulary to “Yes and “instead of a “Yes but”. Asking for feedback can also help you to become your best self.
  • Choose to be Positive: focus on the things that go well, surround yourself with like-minded people, smile more often and always start your day with an energy giver
  • Get easy on yourself: it is okay if you fail, you can always learn from it. In order to have success, you need to start embracing failure


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