Cyril Leichnam, project planning expert

Cyril Leichnam – driven by multi-project planning

His management diploma pointed towards a commercial vocation, but Cyril has followed a rather untypical career path. After his initial professional experience, he moved into the world of industry, where he devoted himself to managing projects on behalf of major clients active in the nuclear industry.

Ever since, he has stayed in this sector, about which he is passionate. Today, as a Senior Planning Scheduler at Tractebel on Syngenia’s behalf, he works at the Nuclear Power Plant of Tihange. He explains what motivates him.

  • You seem passionate about your job. Tell us more.

Well, yes. Managing engineering projects for major high technology players is something to be passionate about. Generally, these are large sites that require unique techniques and big budgets. What I like about these projects is their multiple facets, which enable me to develop very many skills.

  • Is being a Syngenia consultant an asset to you?

Consultancy is part of my professional culture. That enables me to work on projects on the basis of my qualities and specificities, while fully sharing in the life of the firm in which I am on mission. I feel perfectly at home there. And it gives me confidence in the future, especially as the project I’m working on at Tihange has very many years to run.

As for Syngenia, the team gives me all the support I need. And as I’m French, live in the Netherlands and work in Belgium, that’s valuable. Also, they organise events and workshops that I’m keen to participate in.

  • What are the issues around working in the nuclear industry?

The challenges are about meeting the deadlines and budgets while at the same time maintaining the security of supply. And that’s as long as nuclear guarantees inexpensive energy production, while waiting for other energy production sources to become cost-efficient in turn.