Matteo Greco working at Syngenia

Matteo Greco – exporting skills   


Syngenia is proud to export skills across borders. We spoke to Matteo Greco, a Nuclear System Engineer currently working at Tractebel. For almost two years, Syngenia facilitated his mission in the Dutch city of Alkmaar.


  • What brought you to Syngenia?

After my studies in Italy and Sweden, I had an opportunity to start working in Belgium. For almost four years, I did research at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN). This opportunity enabled me to develop some very specific expertise in nuclear energy. Today, I’m putting that experience to good use in my mission at Tractebel, as being part of an ambitious project linked to nuclear research in the Netherlands.

  • You’ve been working in the Netherlands for almost two years now. How has that been handled?

Syngenia made all the administrative and practical arrangements for me, ranging from the contract to solutions for my remuneration, travel and accommodation and my day-to-day living over there. Syngenia facilitated and followed every stage of this expatriation.

  • What does working across borders entail?

First of all, it’s a unique way of developing and enhancing your competences while working on your own career path. It’s a highly enriching experience, but also very demanding and sometimes tiring. In the meantime, I’ve become a father and my wife and I are expecting a second child. That is why I proposed to re-organise my working time between Belgium and the Netherlands, in the interests of a better work-life balance.

  • For you, what are the advantages of being a consultant with Syngenia?

Syngenia is a small-scale structure, and it’s both flexible and responsive. Its listening capacity and its will to develop talent are really valuable. Plus, I’m part of a soundly based group that matches my ambitions. At Syngenia, I Immediately felt reassured about my career development, which is very important to me.