job interview

Job interview – what questions should you be asking the recruiter?

Recruiters are trained to fully assess each candidate’s potential, but how can you, as a candidate, size up the firm you’re applying to? That is just as important, as this may be the start of a long cooperation between you and the enterprise that is recruiting. Here, Syngenia gives some hints on making a success of your job interview.

Be properly prepared

Nobody should embark on a job interview without first gathering information about the position, the firm and the sector. This preparation will also help you to identify the points that need further discussion.

The nature of the position is obviously key here. So don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter about the job scope, the challenges and responsibilities involved, a typical working day and so on. It will also be a chance to discuss the qualities required for the tasks ahead.

Even if you have done your homework, you can still ask for more details about the firm, its products or services, its values, etc. – though without turning the interview into an industrial espionage session.

Imagine you already in your future job and don’t be too shy about taking an interest in your future colleagues. Try to find out more about the team you’ll be joining, the working atmosphere, your future line manager and his or her place in the organisation. Armed with this information, you’ll be better prepared for working in the team.

Finally, ask about the contract duration and try to find out if this is a fixed-term post or a permanent one. Maybe check out the in-house career prospects, but without giving the impression that you’re trying to run before you can walk.

Fully understand and fully explain

By rephrasing the information given by the recruiter and asking if you have completely understood everything, you can clarify certain aspects. That doesn’t mean you should go back over things that have already been clearly stated.

You can ask what the recruiter thinks of your profile, but be prepared to accept an evasive answer. The recruiter will probably want to reserve judgement until he or she has met all the candidates.

If the issue has not yet come up, you may also ask questions about the remuneration level, bonuses and fringe benefits associated with the post. But do be diplomatic, preferably waiting till the end of the interview before raising these aspects.

If you have already progressed through the recruitment process, ask questions about the integration process that the firm organizes for new colleagues. This will show that you’re interested in the firm and keen to join it.

By taking advantage of the exchanges that develop during a job interview, you can confirm your motivation and prepare yourself for what will no doubt be your job for many years to come.

Syngenia consultants are coached by our recruiters to give them the best possible preparation for the interview with the client who may host their next mission. A well-prepared candidate stands a much better chance of embarking on a new, exciting professional experience!