Walid Alabdaoui, a consultant with two strong professional identities

Walid Alabdaoui, a consultant with two strong professional identities

As a member of the Engie group, Syngenia does of course provide technical assistance to its clients within the Group, but the firm also receives staffing requests from outside.

So we discussed this with Walid Alabdaoui, an ambitious young electromechanical engineer working on mission for Syngenia at Schneider Electric.

  • What led you to the Syngenia team?

After work experience with Tractebel during my studies, I had the interesting opportunity to be put in touch with Syngenia. Right from the start, I felt it was a young, dynamic firm. Scarcely ten days passed before their team made me two mission proposals, one of which was at Schneider Electric. I was quickly convinced of the idea of staying within the Engie group while putting my skills at the service of a major outside firm.

  • What advantages do you see in this set-up?

By working for another soundly based group, I’m gaining some valuable professional experience. My mission at Schneider Electric involves both the technical and the commercial aspects of a multinational environment. I’ve been given responsibilities that keep me in contact with clients in a wide range of sectors. It’s very interesting way to have a professional training on-the-job.

  • While working day-to-day at Schneider Electric, do you also feel that you’re part of Syngenia?

Absolutely, because my contacts with Syngenia go way beyond the practical aspects and the mission follow-up every three months. There’s a real emphasis on the human aspects. The staff listens to you, maintain relationships and create a common company culture through, for instance, training and team-building events at which you meet other consultants. I’ve really created a dual professional identity and I feel very comfortable with it.

  • How do you see the future?

I’d like to be able to build a career plan based on a valuable experience of both the technical and the commercial aspects of various sectors. Maybe including missions abroad. That’s why, in addition to the four languages I already speak – French, Dutch, English and Arabic, I aim to learn Spanish.