Alexandra Talbot, office manager at Syngenia

Syngenia rewards talent : Alexandra Talbot, multi-skilled Office Manager

At the beginning of 2014, Alexandra Talbot joined Syngenia, which was then just being established, as an Executive Assistant. The new team was still getting on its feet, and Alexandra rapidly took on a series of tasks linked to human resources, client contacts, general business organization and internal communication. She also played an active part in installing a quality assurance system.

I was lucky to be able to tackle different aspects of the job,” Alexandra explains, “and in this way proving my commitment to Syngenia’s projects. It was exactly what I was looking for – a varied role with regular new challenges. It meant that I could develop new skills, such as payroll management, and build contacts with many different actors.”

Recently, Alexandra wanted to get her staff role redefined to match her day-to-day responsibilities. Syngenia is always open for suggestions by its people and is keen to reward initiatives, so it responded positively to her career wishes by offering her the post of Office Manager.

I feel supported by my employer,” she says. “It clearly values the central position I now have as a reference person for the staff, the consultants and the clients. At Syngenia individuals really matter and this is something you clearly see in its management style, more specific by recognizing the talents of each employee.  For me it’s really important and it motivates me to continue working for Syngenia based on the confidence they have in me.”Alexandra concludes.