Because personal development of consultants is also a matter of sharing experiences

An employee who develops additional skills, besides his technical knowledge, has more chances of both performing well in the long-term in his job and interacting more efficiently with others. That is why Syngenia gives great importance to the development of each of its consultants. The ambition is to enable them to grow to a targeted function within their work environment and company.

That is why Syngenia created FORWARD, whose objective is to set up tools meant to enable every consultant to develop, both professionally and personally, throughout his career in the company.

A consultative body has consequently been created in order to foster the representation of employees in the decision-making process related to professional and personal development.

The simply called Committee F consists of six members: Patrick Wielemans, General Manager, Marian De Schutter, HR Manager, and Ermelinde Nonneman, HR Recruiter, as well as consultants representatives, i.e. Alexandra Niveleau, Mathieu Lejour and Tobias Vander Voorde. Our members did join the committee on a voluntary basis and put a lot of enthusiasm in the project.

The project initiator, Patrick explained to us the initial motivation : “We are convinced that t developing a strong Syngenia culture, will lead to satisfied and effective employees, who know each other, act together, invest in social projects in order to keep us growing as a  company.

Mathieu added to this: “Since most of us are working on an assignment for different client companies, the actions of the committee strengthen our belonging to Syngenia. To be able to meet regularly , express our ideas and  involve ourselves in common projects brings us closer together, and  strengthens our feeling of being Syngenia colleagues above all else.”

Committee F at work
Committee F at work

Important is to say that many aspects are covered by the committee F’s work. “The purpose of the Committee is to create and evaluate the professional and personal development programmes of the Syngenia staff, to foster internal networking in the company, and also to encourage the social commitment of Syngenia members,” explained Marian.

Furthermore, Alexandra emphasised the importance for her of putting a lot into social development projects: “Beyond my interest in social actions, I enormously appreciate the fact of being able to express ideas within a group whose objective is to speed things up. We thus get to know one another and profound relations are created.”

Syngenia consultants are thus central.  A survey was also sent to them in order to allow them to express their expectations regarding the actions of committee F.

We are truly in contact with Syngenia. We see ourselves in the context of professional development activities, such as training, social actions, sportive or cultural activities. No matter what the topic is, we always get to know our peers, stay in contact and improve relations”, emphasised Tobias.

And Ermelinde who recently joined Syngenia, concluded, “Participating in the Committee also enables me to develop my organisational skills. I am convinced that the satisfaction that results from the activities organised by Committee F will certainly lead the consultants to prosper and to make their greatest talents stand out.”

Until now, some team building and social engagement activities have been organised on the initiative of Committee F. We foresee telling you more about this in a coming article.