A multi-skilled engineer

Aimé Isabane, a multi-skilled engineer

Holding a Master Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, gained at ECAM, Aimé Isabane is involved as Syngenia’s consultant in several projects within the instrumentation and control section (I&C) at Tractebel, and he still has plenty of other projects in mind.

This man is full of energy, and he has a rich personality to go with it. Recently, to diversify his so far rather technical profile, he decided to take up business studies. With Syngenia’s support, Aimé has just started a Complementary Master in Technical & Industrial Business Management at Solvay Business School.

  • What motivated you to study the business side of firms?

“Going beyond my technical training, I wanted to develop complementary skills that would enable me to get involved in global business projects. I’m really keen to understand firms’ strategic choices and the different trades and professions within them. So I’m looking to develop my career by broadening my profile, with the aim of eventually taking on a managerial role.”

  • What are the first benefits you’ve gained from this training?

“As the courses are rooted in practice and exchanges are encouraged, they’re an opportunity for me to enrich my outlook through contacts with people who have other profiles, such as lawyers, economists and so on – but also, of course, with the trainers themselves, who are active in firms. Though I’m just at the start of my training, everything that I learn is already impacting on my day-to-day job, as I work in a team that involves many different disciplines and interfaces.”

  • Presumably, going to classes every evening after a day’s work entails some concessions?

“It’s true that I have to invest a big slice of my time in this complementary training project, but I’m gaining direct benefits from it. Every evening, I meet specialists who can really teach me a lot.”

  • And what about your other personal projects?

“That’s all very positive too. For the past four years, I’ve chaired the non-profit Belgo-Rwandese socio-cultural association Inyange ASBL. Its mission is to promote cultural exchanges and integration activities through education and dance. The association is involved in many events and organises an annual show at Bozar in Brussels.  I take part in that and direct the show. The association has 150 members, more than 70 of whom are active and participate in activities every week. To keep all that running, business management skills are more than welcome!”

Ballet Inyange - A multi-skilled Engineer  A multi-skilled engineer dancing in Ballet Inyange

For more about the association that Aimé chairs, visit www.inyange.com