“Camp de Partage” – an enriching human experience

Syngenia’s FORWARD program, as we have previously highlighted, aims to contribute to the professional and the personal development of its staff. Investing in projects with added value for society is one way of achieving this. We talked with Manon Hap … Continued

Will tomorrow’s wind turbines sail the high seas?

While on mission, Syngenia engineers sometimes have the opportunity to work on truly innovative projects. We talked with Cédric Dewandre, an engineer on mission with Tractebel for Syngenia, about an ambitious project to install offshore floating wind turbines. What will … Continued

From Colombia to Belgium – via Spain…

Electrical engineer Sara Betancur is a sparkling Colombian who, after studying in Colombia and Spain, came to make her home in Belgium a few years ago. Following her initial experience in the renewable energy sector, Sara moved into nuclear energy … Continued

Good practices for running a project

To make a success of the projects that are assigned to them, engineers need to strike a balance between people, techniques and the various economic and strategic issues. This means they will be faced with a series of factors that … Continued

Aimé Isabane, a multi-skilled engineer

Holding a Master Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, gained at ECAM, Aimé Isabane is involved as Syngenia’s consultant in several projects within the instrumentation and control section (I&C) at Tractebel, and he still has plenty of other projects in mind. This … Continued