Probably the world’s greatest short-term challenge. The solutions we develop and apply today will have implications for the immediate and long-term future. From nuclear energy to renewable energy, from design to decommissioning, in all parts of the world, the projects are vital for the next generations.

Oil & Gas

How we source, process, transport and use oil and gas is changing rapidly. Industry needs to find innovative solutions that are sustainable both for industry and environment. This calls for creativity and technical expertise.


The potential for chemicals as a vector of change is nothing less than phenomenal. Engineers are key players to develop and implement innovations and processes that secure long-term success in industry and society at large.


The skills and solutions being developed in aeronautics influence many other sectors of industry – from high-speed transport to near-space activities. The goal for engineers and technicians is to support our clients by combining excellence in speed, safety and energy use.

Life Sciences

According to many scientists, life sciences will probably play the largest role in the development of society over the coming decade. The ability to call on different disciplines will be a determining factor for the engineers and researchers involved.

Buildings & Infrastructure

New technologies are allowing new kind of buildings and infrastructures to evolve. The exciting progress offers fascinating possibilities for planners and project owners across the globe.